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The Black Spot

by | Jan 11, 2014

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Assalam o Alaikum Dear readers.

Yesterday while I was moping my kitchen’s floor a thought came into my mind. So I thought why not share it with you today.

While I was moping my floor yesterday I noticed a pint sized black spot on the floor. I moped it hard one second time but the spot stayed there. Shrugging I thought : “maybe the spot’s an old one that’s always been there and I never noticed it before. So it’ll probably stay here forever” and moved away. After a little while I heard my mother exclaim. Rushing to the kitchen I found her rubbing the black spot on the floor vigorously with the mop. and to my surprise the black spot was gone with in a minute. Embarrassed for not trying hard enough I left the kitchen frowning and mumbling. It was then that a thought struck me like a lightning bolt. and left me aghast for its truthfulness.

No Black Spot In Good Person:

What occurred to me was that this black spot. and how I tried twice to clean it , failed and left it their. So, how my mommy rubbed it until it was gone, could be related to our lives and behaviors.

A good person is a like a clean shiny spotless kitchen floor. while a bad person is like an old, ugly, rotten kitchen floor. We enjoy being with the clean ones and tend to distance from the rotten ones. We enjoy cleaning the shiny floor. while we feel that the old one is hopeless so we leave it to rot as it is.

We tend to do it with human too. Everyone of us have seen at least one friend , sibling , relative or acquaintance go through some tough times. and transform partially if not completely. In such a situation “Sadly” most of us react like I did about the spot. We try a little to scrub off the bad behavioral spots off them. They show resistance against it. and we shrug and walk away making comments like “They are doomed” . “they are hopeless”, “there’s no cure” “they were always like this”. “Ahh!! We tried our best but….. alas.!!”
What we should do instead is what my mommy did. TRY A LITTLE LONGER AND TRY A LITTLE HARDER. That’s the best cure trust me. 🙂

Okay now I know it’s a little hard to achieve so here’s a tip.


Let us do this the Islamic way. Let’s keep in mind the following ahadith at all times. and keep your intentions pure and do it for the sake of Allah. 🙂

Abu Hurairah (RA) said,

“I heard Abu al Qasim (Rasulullah (SAW)), say,

‘The best among you in Islam are those with the best manners. so long as they develop a sense of understanding.” (Al-Bukhari) Hadith 8.14  Narrated by Abu Huraira (Radhiallah hu Taala anhu).

I heard Allah’s Apostle (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) saying,

“Whoever is pleased that he be granted more wealth. and that his lease of life be prolonged. then he should keep good relations with his kith and kin.”

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