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When ALLAH gives, HE gives the Best| 3 Ultimate ways to Celebrate Allah’s Blessings

by | Oct 21, 2013

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In the busy and often chaotic course of our lives, we sometimes feel weary and disheartened, especially when we repeatedly ask for Allah’s blessings, and it seems our prayers are being answered. During these challenging moments, our faith can waver, and we might start to doubt whether our prayers will ever be answered. 

But at these times, we should remember a profound lesson about the importance of patience and trust in Allah’s plan.

Let me tell you a heartwarming story that beautifully illustrates the significance of patience, trust in Allah’s ultimate wisdom, and the rich rewards of waiting for Allah’s blessings. 

The Story:

The story starts in a marketplace where a young boy accompanies his mother on a shopping trip. As they wandered through the bustling shops, their journey led them to a quaint store where a friendly and kind-hearted shopkeeper noticed the charming child and decided to create a sweet memory.

The shopkeeper reached for a glass bottle brimming with an array of colorful, delectable sweets, each one more tempting than the last. He extended the bottle towards the child, a warm and inviting smile on his face, and said, “Dear child, you’re welcome to take some of these delightful sweets.” It was an offer that would have thrilled any child, but to the shopkeeper’s surprise, this particular boy didn’t reach out to select any sweets.

Puzzled by the child’s hesitance, the shopkeeper made a second attempt, encouraging him with, “Please, take some sweets, my young friend.” Despite the shopkeeper’s insistence, the boy remained steadfast in his decision not to take any sweets. At this point, even the child’s mother joined in, gently urging her son, “Go ahead, dear, take the sweets.”

Despite the shopkeeper’s kind intentions and his mother’s encouragement, the boy held firm in his choice, steadfastly declining the offered sweets. Sensing the child’s reluctance and unwillingness to let him leave without something sweet, the shopkeeper took matters into his own hands, quite literally. With a generous smile, he scooped up a handful of sweets from the bottle and presented them to the child. The boy’s eyes sparkled with delight as he received a bounty of sweets.

Upon returning home, the mother couldn’t help but be curious about her child’s unconventional behavior at the shop. She gently inquired, “My dear, I couldn’t help but wonder why you didn’t accept the sweets when the shopkeeper offered them to you not just once but twice?”

With the innocence that only children possess and wisdom beyond his years, the child responded, “Mom! My hands are very small, and if I had taken the sweets, I could have only taken a few. But now, you see, when the kind shopkeeper gave them with his big hands, I got so many more!”

The Lesson:

Believe in Allah’s Plan:

This heartwarming tale imparts valuable life lessons that resonate with the challenges and choices young people face today. It serves as a reminder that, particularly in matters as important as choosing a life partner, exercising patience and having unwavering faith in Allah’s blessings and His plans are paramount. Instead of rushing headlong into relationships without careful consideration, young individuals are encouraged to trust that Allah has already chosen the perfect spouse for them and to wait patiently for His timing.

Don’t Rush; Allah’s Blessings will reach you:

Furthermore, the story cautions against seeking material wealth through unethical means, drawing a poignant parallel between hastily grabbing sweets with one’s hands and pursuing ill-gotten gains. It reminds us that rather than resorting to dishonesty or impatience in our pursuit of wealth, we should trust that Allah’s blessings come in His own time and far surpass what we could ever attain through unethical means.

Patience is the KEY:

In a world where the allure of immediate gratification often tempts us into making rash decisions and moral compromises, this story serves as a timeless reminder of the rich rewards that come with patience, trust, and ethical conduct. By waiting for Allah’s blessings and conducting ourselves with integrity, we not only receive blessings that exceed our wildest expectations but also lead lives guided by the principles of faith and righteousness. 

Ultimately, this story encourages us to believe that when we take things into our own hands, we may only receive a limited portion. Still, when Allah’s blessings are bestowed upon us, they are boundless and beyond anything we could ever imagine. Remember to share this story with those trying to grab the world with their small hands and remind them that Allah’s blessing is more than what they desire. When ALLAH gives, HE gives the BEST!



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