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Values of Life

by | Apr 9, 2012

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Friends: Life is a gift of Allah SWT. He made us the best of bests among all His beautiful creations. He also wants us to stand out all those species and to be different, more beautiful and elegant than them. Allah wants us to lead lives in such a way that it adds values to the life of others as well. We can help others enjoy a great life by being honest, loving, caring, humble, cooperative, tolerant, Free and granting freedom and avoiding mischief on the earth.

“And do not depreciate for mankind (the value) of their things, (i.e., their goods) and do not perpetrate (mischief) in the earth (as) corruptors.”

Lets enjoy our lives and help others enjoy it too.

PEACE which makes the world a safe and happy place
PEACE that unites people of any race

RESPECT that shows consideration for one another
RESPECT in which we put into practice the saying,
“He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother”

LOVE in which it is better to give than to receive
LOVE valued as sacred and to our spouses, we should not deceive
LOVE in which in a couple bonded in marriage
Must go together like a horse and carriage

TOLERANCE which finds us accepting failure
TOLERANCE which allows us to venture into the unknown without fear
TOLERANCE for each others religion, race, language or culture

HAPPINESS is seeing a child being born
HAPPINESS is when the negative feelings and thoughts in our lives are gone
HAPPINESS is waking up in the morning to welcome a brand new day
HAPPINESS is when we kneel down as a family and pray

RESPONSIBILITY is ensuring that our children become decent members of society
RESPONSIBILITY is nurturing our children to show respect and filial piety
RESPONSIBILITY is fulfilling our everyday tasks
RESPONSIBILITY is making sure that healthy relations continue to last

COOPERATION that enables co-workers to work as a team
COOPERATION that enables to fulfill our dreams

HONESTY in which temptation does not get the better of us
HONESTY in which your integrity must come first

HUMILITY in victory, in success
HUMILITY even though you may be the best

SIMPLICITY in the little things we say and do
SIMPLICITY that allows us to be understandable and true

FREEDOM that facilitates free expression and thought
FREEDOM through diplomacy, rather than violence, is better sought

UNITY that bonds all mankind
UNITY that we must all work towards and never decline

12 living values that we must all know
12 living values to inculcate in our children as we watch them grow
12 living values that will make the world a better place to live in
12 living values, it’s cool!
Wouldn’t you make it the” In-Thing”?

by Raymond Anthony Fernando

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