Tips to avoid israaf : “Certainly ALLAH hates extravagant “

by | Dec 6, 2013

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Title of this article is actually an ayah from Quran:

“…eat of its fruit when it bears fruit, and pay the due of it on the day of its reaping, and do not act extravagantly; surely He does not love the extravagant.” (Surah Anaam 6:141)

Introduction :

This article would bedealing some fine tips to avoid israaf but, First of all, its important to know what exactly is extravagance ? so here are some brief notes about extravagance or israaf.

  1. Being extravagant is to spend more than your means – which means that extravagance is relative and not something that we can put a limit/number on.
  2.  Being extravagant is also to spend on ANYTHING that that you don’t need. Being extravagant is to own anything that is not a necessity.
  3. It doesn’t means that israaf is merely related to money or expenditures, but it includes all unnecessary use of resources, any type of resources , whether it be using water while performing ablution ! or leaving food in plate as you filled your plate more than your appetite. And even eating more than your appetite comes under israaf.

According to Tafseer Majmaul Bayan, Bakhti Shoa was the personal physician of Haroon al-Rashid. He was a Christian. One day he asked Waqidi, “Does your Holy book contain any medical knowledge?” Waqidi replied, “The Almighty Allah has condensed the complete medical knowledge in a single verse, “…And eat and drink and be not extravagant.” “Did your Prophet mention anything about this branch of knowledge?” asked the physician. “Yes,” said Waqidi, “he has described the medical sciences in a brief sentence. ‘The stomach is the house of pain and abstinence is the most important medicine. Everyone should be given the amount (of food) he needs.'” Upon hearing this, the Christian remarked, “Your Book and your Prophet have not omitted anything from medical science and Galen (the Greek physician) had nothing more to say.”

subhanALLAH ! indeed, its beauty of islam to guide its followers in every possible matter of life. So, avoidance from extravagance in islam, has been mentioned not at a single place. But, muslims are ordered to abstain from extravagancy at multiple places in Quran: “…and do not squander wastefully, surely the squanderers are the followers of the shaitans and the Shaitan is ever ungrateful to his Lord.” (Surah Bani Israel 17:26-27) And at an other place, words go a little more strict, exhibiting that israaf is not among the minor sins ! “…the extravagant are the inmates of the fire.” (Surah Momin 40:43)


Now enough cleared about dislikes of extravagance in islam, so passing the introduction step, we should move towards the action . following are some Tips to avoid israaf:

  1. Determine where you spend your money. After making list of all expenditures, prioritize them. Immediately remove unnecessary routine purchases.
  2. Don’t be “shopaholic” . Often people among consider shopping as a source of fun and enjoyment. I think that statement would be heard by majority of us “ ohhh im getting bored ! lets go shopping “. And when we enter any shopping mall , we just go mad ! we try to grab every single thing which tempts us, and do not get out of shopping mall until our wallet is empty of money.
  3. Here comes the finest trap “sale”, “discount” “buy two get one free”. Now even if you need 1 item only, just to avail the chance you will pay for 2 items to get one free. Where ever a lady sees “sale” , I bet , no matter how much modest and thrifty a lady is, she would spend more than routine. I am not saying you must not avail discount offers , but be careful about israaf over there too.
  4. Make the most of your clothes and other fashion accessories rather than buying more unnecessarily. Islam doesn’t forbids you from being trendy or looking good, as far as its in certain limits. Follow the trends, but keep in mind your hijab and budget.
  5. Focus on food( in your refrigerator and in your plate too) . Buy as much food as much you think you can easily consume. There is no need of piling up the refrigerator with food and vegetables and then later on throwing them because they are expired. Likewise, add food in your plate as much you think you would finish easily.
  6. And please ! stop being brand conscious ! not every of your possessions should be branded starting from your shoes, dress, accessories till your car.  if it suits you and works well, its perfect, no need of paying a huge extra charge for just a TAG of a brand.
  7. You can replace your paper towels with cloth ones.
  8. Grow a garden. Even a small plot can yield significant amounts of fresh food.

And lastly an important point ! many of the above mentioned points might already been practiced by you , may be for sake of saving money for some purpose or may be its just habitual. But majority of us never would have refrained from spending money because of the reason that “ALLAH dislikes israaf”. This would save your money as well as bring blessings of ALLAH subhana hu wa tala. So ! making niyyah is very important, same action could be rewarded 1000 times, just because of inclining your intention towards ALLAH !

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