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Quranic Verses & Miracles Proved By The Science

by | Apr 27, 2015

Many religions have their concept. But Islam is the only different religion because it is based upon reason and proof. There are logical and authentic truths found in the Quranic verses. Which were obscure to the individuals at the time. And have just been found as of late by contemporary science.

Scientific Facts in the Quranic Verses:

Science at the time was primitive, and there were no telescopes, magnifying instruments, or anything near the innovation we have today. People accept that the Sun circles the earth. And that massive columns hold the sky at the edges of level earth. Inside this background, the Quran and Quranic verses were uncovered. And it contains numerous investigative realities on points going from space science to science, topography to humanism.

So, few individuals may assert that the Quranic verses change as new logical truths are found. However, this can’t be the situation because it is a verifiable record that the Quranic verses are safeguarded in their unique dialect. The Quranic verses were composed and remembered by individuals during the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Pain Receptor:

For quite a while, it was imagined that the feeling of fear and agony was reliant on the mind. So, it is found that there are agony receptors introduced in the skin. Without these torment receptors, an individual would not have the capacity to feel torment.

Consider the following verse on pain:

إِنَّ ٱلَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا۟ بِـَٔايَٰتِنَا سَوْفَ نُصْلِيهِمْ نَارًا كُلَّمَا نَضِجَتْ جُلُودُهُم بَدَّلْنَٰهُمْ جُلُودًا غَيْرَهَا لِيَذُوقُوا۟ ٱلْعَذَابَ ۗ إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ كَانَ عَزِيزًا حَكِيمًا

“We shall send those who reject Our revelations to the (Hell) Fire when their skins have been burned away. We shall replace them with new ones so they may continue to feel the pain: God is Almighty, All-Wise.

[AlQuran 4:56]

Sun’s Orbit:

In 1512, space expert Nicholas Copernicus set forward his hypothesis. that the Sun is moving at the focal point of the close planetary system. and that the planets rotate around it. The conviction that the Sun is stationary was far-reaching among stargazers until the 20th century. It is presently a settled reality that the Sun is not stationary. But instead is moving in a circle around the focal point of our Milky Way cosmic system.

The Quranic verses mention the orbit of the Sun:

وَهُوَ ٱلَّذِى خَلَقَ ٱلَّيْلَ وَٱلنَّهَارَ وَٱلشَّمْسَ وَٱلْقَمَرَ ۖ كُلٌّ فِى فَلَكٍ يَسْبَحُونَ

“It is He who created night and day, the Sun and the Moon, each floating in its orbit.

[AlQuran 21:33]

Expansion of the Universe:

During an era when the investigation of Astronomy was still primitive, the development of the universe was depicted in Quranic verses:

وَٱلسَّمَآءَ بَنَيْنَٰهَا بِأَيْي۟دٍ وَإِنَّا لَمُوسِعُونَ

“We who have built the Universe with [Our creative] power and keep expanding it.” 

[AlQuran 51:47]

The fact that the universe is expanding was discovered in the last century. The physicist Stephen Hawking in his book ‘A Brief History of Time‘ writes, “The discovery that the universe is expanding was one of the great intellectual revolutions of the 20th century.” 

The Quranic verses mentioned the universe’s expansion even before the telescope’s invention!


Much the same as the Quranic verses contains learning about the regular world, it likewise contains data about the internal measurements of our souls. It identifies with our emotions, needs, and needs. The Quranic verses illuminate us that we have a reason in life. And that taking after God’s direction will lead us to inward peace in this life and Paradise in the great beyond. So, dismissal of his message will prompt gloom in this life and Hellfire after death.

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