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Quran My Closest Friend

by | Apr 19, 2010

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Quran has always been a light in my life but ever since I have begun to understand it, it has changed my life dramatically for the better. I would like to tell you all about it.

The 17th of May, 2005 was a very hard day for me. I was sitting in a hospital with my friend beside me. The doctor looked at me and sighed wearily, and told me that I had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I felt as if a tsunami was crushing my world. Everything suddenly became dark to me. The doctor’s voice faded into the distance.

After a few moments, the doctor handed me a packet and said to me, “You need to take all these tests, surgeries, and you need to get appointments from all of these doctors. This is a long and hard process that you will have to go through.

The procedure began. My appointments with my doctors continued for a long time. The doctor said to me “Always look on the bright side. Be positive.”

I thought to myself that I already was positive because Allah said to me in the Qur’an { Surah Taha ayah # 68.) Do not be afraid. And I thought if I am able to trust Allah then I have no need to fear anything.

The doctor said for me not to miss my daily doses of medicine because there was a threat of the re-occurrence of breast cancer. I thought that it was just like Salah. Why would I miss my salah in this world when it promises me good health in the next? If I can be cautious about this temporary life, then why not be cautious about the next? How would I be able to miss my daily medicine for the next world? Salah. One day we have to pass from this life but never from the next.

The doctor said to me that exercise is very important and I should do exercises which cause me to sweat. Ustazah once said, “What is the point of the salah where your heart is not softened, eyes aren’t wet, and the soul is not affected?”

The doctor told me to join a club, make new friends, and share with them my experiences, depression, and problems. Don’t stay alone for too long. Stay busy and around people.

Influence of the Quran Academy

I am lucky enough to have the Quran Academy. At 8:30 every morning Shazia Athar has a conference over the phone. We talk about many things and I get a lot of moral support from them. I always wish for it to be morning when my friends from my group give me advice and talk to me. It is as if they are right there, in my house, talking to me.

Right after that, Shazia Nawaz comes with her soft voice and advice about the lesson. She helps make the lesson easy.

Masha’Allah her talents are captivating. I listen to her voice word by word and feel a feeling of peace inside myself.

It feels to me like she is helping me get along in life and helping me bear burdens. I feel as if she is talking specifically about me and my problems.

Qur’an is my dearest friend and always will be InshaAllah. When I was in depression and alone, the Qur’an was there for me and was my friend. The Qur’an helps to answer all of my questions about life. The Qur’an tells me stories and tells me to be patient in life and trust Allah. Allah is the one and only Lord. He is the best cure for all illnesses and makes duas come true. He is The Only One Who can give life to the sick.

The Qur’an teaches me much and helps me get through the hardest times.

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