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My Hijab Experience

by | Nov 26, 2012

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My hijab experience was wonderful. Dear sisters, I wanted to share my story of wearing a headscarf and hijab to motivate someone who is desperately wanting to wear the headscarf or hijab but is reluctant the reaction to society on this act.

So the story starts that it was the time when I was just 12 years old. It was probably in my seventh grade when I first started wearing a headscarf. I started wearing a scarf totally of my own as a young Muslim girl. To experience wearing Hijab was difficult and  It was also hard to wear it. Putting it own in a presentable way and then keep it tied whole day long. But I used to manage it.

The days went on and I became used to it. But the reaction of people very changed towards me. This reaction becomes more changed when I started to cover my face and started wearing a gown to cover my body. Everyone was against me. My family, my friends, and even the passerby started looking to me as an alien. My mother and even my father became angry with me. He stated it is difficult for me to recognize you when I come to pick you from your school. My mother also opposed me. They were not allowed to buy a new scarf and gown for me. But I stood up and kept struggling.

Looking presentable in Hijab

The issue of appearance and “feeling pretty with hijab” was also a major struggle. I found it hard to feel good about myself after about a year of wearing the hijab (even today). I looked at other girls and looked at myself and felt like my beauty was gone. Feeling a discriminating behavior of teachers and friends towards me makes me sad.  No one applauded me. But in my opinion, it was a test of Allah that I have passes Alhamdulillah.

Experience Scarf In A Presentable Way

Every morning I wake up just like offering prayer the hijab is a must in the routine of me. Tying it in a way to look presentable. Thinking of new ways every day to wear my scarf. Now I have found fun wearing a scarf as feel more presentable and secure in hijab.

Hijab- A sense of Security

Now I have come to know the girls wearing Hijab are respected the most. I feel more respected by my teachers in High school. My classmates also respect me.

Hijab And  Choosing a Spouse

It is a misconception that girls wearing a hijab can not find a good spouse for them as they are not seen by men. But my dear sisters is just a misconception. If you want to find a spouse who truly loves you, he can choose you with your hijab as well. Even if your spouse is a good Muslim he will be proud of your hijab. You will look more presentable and distinguishing him from other girls.

Experience Hijab – Muslim Identity

I soon came to realize then that my hijab depended a lot on my Imaan and my Imaan on my hijab. It sounds obvious but in my case, it is completely true. I felt once, that I rushed into wearing it, that when I started to wear it, I took on a commitment that I wasn’t ready or knowledgeable enough to handle. But I also think that Allah controls everything, He guided me to wear it. I now think that is what I needed in order to acquire a Muslim identity.

My hijab experience has been a roller coaster for me. I wish I could elaborate on everything for you to tell that what are the hardships for Muslim girls wearing Hijab. My hijab experience was about learning and becoming attached to it more than just putting it on. It was not just putting it on but it was the struggle was to keep it on. Now I smile with it, I am a happy hijabi that hopes to be deserving of the great blessing that is hijab. In sha Allah. I pray to Allah that HE gives this opportunity of Hijab to every woman. Every Muslim woman of today may become desperate for covering her Awrah. At which level are you in wearing your Awrah ???

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