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Muslim Women Are Not Oppressed

by | May 1, 2013

Among the hottest topics about religion Islam, circulating in Muslim and nonmuslim world, is the oppression of Muslim women. It is a general miss conception that Muslim females are not free to fulfill their wills. They are oppressed and forced to abide by their male gardians.

A major role in spreading and nourishing this misconception is played by media. That shows us how oppressed the Muslim women are there.

People start linking three words in their minds. ‘Islam,’ ‘women’ and ‘oppression.’ Without investigating the actual commandments about the treatment of women in Islam.

Women in Muslim Society:

One key point I would like to bring into light about the treatment of women in Muslim society is that there is a lot of difference between religion and culture. Though both are overlapping entities and influence each other. Greatly, that doesn’t mean they are the same things. There are certain concepts that Islam favors or promotes domestic violence.

To correct this misunderstanding one must take into account that domestic violence is equally practiced in almost all male-dominant societies.

Especially those having low literacy rate, regardless of their mode of religion. So tagging a single religion “Islam” responsible for domestic violence is pretty unfair.

Statistics show there are a lot of such cases in Christian, Hindu and Jewish societies also. The difference is only between publicizing those issues. The reason is the same, such issues are not equally portrayed about Muslim and non-muslim societies. Media is more inclined towards the promotion of women-related issues in Muslim countries or societies.

Rules for Women in Islam:

That was about society and culture, now let’s come towards religion. Talking about Islam, yes there are certain rules and regulations which are different for men and women. There are certain roles and statuses in society and family in which males and females have to play differently.

In certain cases, men have been given more authority as compared to women in Islam, but this doesn’t mean females are suppressed or subjugated. This authority is compensated in favor of females in some other place.

Women are equal to men in the sight of God. But they have in some respects different roles in life to men because of their different natures. This must not be confused with their rights or freedom in Islam. The difference is just between their roles, not rights or liberalities.

And the reason is their psychological, physiological, and biological difference from men. This makes them more suitable than men for certain responsibilities and less suitable than men for others.  For example, their delicate nature makes them more suitable to do jobs at home. Where they could be less prone to environmental stress.

Similarly, men have more strong nerves. This makes them suitable for jobs outside the home. So they are assigned those responsibilities which have more physical or psychological stress.

In family structure, if the husband has been given more authority as compared to wife. Because of his greater decision power. On the other hand mother is given more importance as compared to the father because of her efforts for the children.

Modernity and Liberalism:

When religion (read Islam) is separated from education, politics, etc and the morals that govern people’s way of life (read Deen) are man-made (read MAN-made). The chauvinism of the physically more powerful gender creeps into society the engineers. So he uses terms like “modernity” to drive her out of her house.

For needs, he himself was responsible to fulfill for her and “freedom” for her to shed off the burden of clothes. And “liberalism” to make her not feel guilt after he had dumped her after taking full advantage of her (with his eyes or all the way).

The terms in themselves are essentially good value and Islamic. If used in the shade of the Qur’an and Sunnah but without that umbrella are tools in the hands of desperate men.

Freudian psychology (root-source of modern psychologist’s world-view in the West) sees sex as the most potent urge. Even in the love of parents for their children.

Ironically one of the greatest intellectual contradictions is when the West ignores that understanding completely and labels Islamic laws. Designed to protect and honor women, as barbaric.

Islam is a religion of justice. How can a religion be unfair with his followers ( female ones). While it commands to be kind and fair with non-muslims.  If a religion teaches to be kind and fair with the people who do not believe in it.

How can it be unfair or biased on gender bases with its own believers? A religion that provided women security, status, right to inherit, and right to live. When they were buried alive, thousands of years ago, can never preach their subjugation now.

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