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by | Oct 16, 2010

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Assalam o alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu dear brothers and sisters  🙂

Word love itself holds sweetness in it. All of us are aware of this feeling. We know how to love from a different perspective as our soul, life, wealth, and family. Some Muslims think that only pious and righteous people can reach the levels where a heart saturates with love for Allah. As Allah (SWA) declares love to be the sign of Imaan (faith), condition for faith, and spirit of faith.

Allah(SWA) says:

”The Believers’ love of Allah is very strong.” [Surat-ul-Baqara, 165]

Now ponder over this, my dear brothers and sisters, doesn’t it mean that the heart devoid of love for Allah is bereft of Imaan? love in a different perspective

Allah Loves Us:

Above all, those who believe, love Allah, practice his deen, work for His deen in return get His love back. As Allah says in Almaidah;

”yuhibuhum wa yuhiboon” meaning ”Allah loves them and they love Allah”.

Real Imaan is that which resides in heart, which renders it with sweetness as our Holy Prophet (PBUH) said

“Whoever possesses the following three (qualities), will have the sweetness (delight) of Faith:

(1) The one to whom Allah (May Allah be pleased with him) and His Messenger Muhammad (May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) ) are more beloved than anything else;

(2) The one who loves another only for Allah’s sake;

(3) The one who hates to convert to disbelief after Allah has rescued him from it, as he hates to be thrown into the fire.” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

Love and fear go hand in hand with each other. Those who love Allah fear His displeasure, wrath and shape their lives according to the sharia that His last messenger has brought for them.  Such people hate distances; they struggle to seek the vicinity of Allah(SWA) by their acts by fulfilling the obligations first. Then the sweetness settles in their hearts, they run like crazies to fill even a vacuum of 0.1 mm, and they do it by supererogatory acts.

In Light of Ahadeeth:

Beloved Prophet(PBUH) in a hadith:

“My servant does not come closer to Me with anything dear to Me than that which I made obligatory upon him.My servant keeps coming closer to Me with more volunteer deeds,until I love him.I become his ears by which he hears,his eyes by which he sees,his hands by which he holds and his feet by which he walks.If he asks me anything I shall give him.If he seeks my protection I shall grant him My protection.’’ (Bukhari)

Prophet Mohammad in another hadith said:

“love Allah because His blessings on you are numerous and me for His sake.’’(Tirmizi)

So it’s crucial to love His last messenger, the way the love of ummah filled his heart. Allah Almighty sent Holy Prophet (PBUH) as rehmatulillil alameen (blessing for all of humanity). Following his sunnah means obeying, and this is love from a different perspective as Allah says Ateeullaha wa ateur Rasool.

There is yet another hadith that speaks about Love for Allah and his beloved Prophet Mohammad(PBUH):

“A man asked about the hour i.e day of judgment saying,’’when will the hour be?’’Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) said, ‘’what have you prepared for it?’’ the man said’ ‘’nothing except that I love Allah and His apostle. the Prophet said;’ You will be with those whom you love’’.

Love for Allah and His Prophet Muhammad(PBUH):

It was 1400 years ago, the distance of so many years, and our deeds are not comparable to theirs, but love for them can grant us their company. InshaAllah. All we need is to melt away the fats covering our hearts, turning it ghafil by insulating and restraining the light of Allah from penetrating it. We need to cure our diseased hearts.

The more we love Allah and His Messenger (SAW) and His people for His sake, the more we will be able to establish Islam and peace on this Earth. In the present age, we lack this love, and we are in countless problems and oppression everywhere.

Even if we take the task of dawah and try and struggle hard in every possible way, we might never be able to find success unless we accompany this love in our hearts and saturate our hearts with it. The fire of love for Allah must be kindling in the heart, which makes a soul remember Allah most, fear Allah most, thank Allah for His blessings.

Such spirit stimulates the man to do jihad in the way of Allah to defend the weak because Allah loves those who support the vulnerable.

Love is a Binding Force:

In the same way, people in the same caravan, united under the Islamic movement, must love each other for the sake of Allah for this innocent, chaste love becomes a factor for powerful adhesion among them and fortifies their activity. It was love ‘a binding force’ that took us from the fields of Badar and hunain to Spain and from Spain to the Indian subcontinent. Through love, we can conquer lands and hearts.

There is a beautiful dua:

‘’Allahuma ini asaloka hubaka,wa hubbaman yahibuka wa amal al laze bil leghune hubbaka,Allahuma ja al hubbaka ahaba alaiya min nafse wa ahlee wa minal barrid.’’

‘’Oh Allah I ask you for your love and the love of those whom you love and the actions that will cause me to attain your love,oh Allah make your love more beloved to me than myself,my family and even from cold water.” (Tirmizi)

Allah will open our hearts to His love InshaALLAH. Ameen.

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