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Hundreds of AlQuranClasses original articles on social issues based on Islamic perspectives are provided here.
So have a look at our blogs to broaden your view of looking at the Muslim World.

The Best Path To Walk On

The right path to walk in is towards Allah and teachings of Islam and Al Quran to get all blessings from Allah.Allah is protector and kind to us.

Quran is to read not to be kept

We think Quran is for Scholars to understand and implement and for us its only for special events as we dont read Quran.We need to read Quran daily.



To find peace in life people turn to every other source except for the Quran as Quran is Solution to every problem in life.

Learning Quran Tajweed

Learning Quran Tajweed

At Alquranclasses,learn Tajweed by online Tajweed tutors teach Quran with proper knowledge of Arabic letters,Tajweed rules and other important factors.

Quran My Closest Friend

Qur’an has always been a light in our lives it has great impact once you understand it.It has changed the life of people a story of a girl.