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Justice of Hazrat Umar Ibn al Khattab

by | Dec 25, 2014

There is an excellent story of justice about Hazrat Umar Ibn al Khattab. He was the caliph of Islam and also captured the City of Jerusalem. And built the first mosque on the grounds of the sacred sanctuary, the Dome of Rock.

Justice of Hazrat Umar Ibn al Khattab

He was the ruler of great peace and justice. He gained the beautiful title of commander of faithful due to his noble qualities. His rightful duty was to receive the key to the respected holy City that was the first qiblah. The direction Muslims face during praying.

The soldiers of Hazrat Umar had already entered the City of Jerusalem and held the overall control of the City from Christians. Christians had ruled there since the time of Constantine. But when Hazrat umar entered to take official control of Jerusalem, he came there alone. His journey involved only one camel and came leer from Damascus to Jerusalem. As umer was a man of admirable humility, he decided they would ride the camel turn by turn. According to justice, he would ride for a short while, then the came leer would ride, and he would walk.

In the meantime, the entire City was awaiting his impending arrival. The Bishop announced, “The great Islamic leader is coming, and we all must greet and pay our respects to him.” Everyone gathered at the gate of the City, awaiting a great royal procession. But no procession appeared.

Instead, they saw two people coming very slowly. When they finally reached the City. It was the turn of a leer to be riding, and everyone considered him the caliph and ran to greet him.

He protested, “wait, I am not the caliph.” And explained their arrangement of riding and walking one by one. Everyone is overwhelmed by seeing this justice. Praised the great caliph.

The hospitality of Bishop:

The Bishop, too, was so amazed by such a great justice. The Bishop also handed the City’s key to `Umar Ibn al-Khattab, and his (Bishop’s) heart filled with joy.

After all, this Bishop invited Umar to perform his holy prayers in the church. But when he saw the church’s interior decoration and the Christian symbol within the church, he humbly declined and said, I would pray outside your doors.

After he had finished, the Bishop asked,

“Why would you not come inside our church?”

Umar explained

“If I prayed in your sanctuary, all my followers and anyone who comes here in the future would take over this building and turn it into a mosque. And they would destroy your holy place of worship. So I prayed outside here to avoid all these mishaps.”

The Bishop once again got amazed by Umar’s justice. And said that, today, you received the holy City’s key just because of your justice, faith, wisdom, and truth. So when will this place will again come back to our possession?

Four Qualities of Muslims:

Hazrat Umar replied that today we have taken over this place. We gain this City with the four qualities of wisdom, faith, truth, and justice. Till these four exist in Islam, as long as we (Muslims) have all these in our hands, we will retain the City. But when these four blessings depart from our hands, this holy place will again change hands.

He said that if we lose this place to someone else. It will be because we lack certainty in our faith. When Muslims sell the truth, seek worldly pleasures, and collect worldly wealth, when Muslims lose good conduct, good faith, and the good behavior of reserve and modesty. And when they relate to women in an unjust and immoral way. When they behave with jealousy, backbiting, and envy when they establish hypocrisy and lack unity when they degenerate into committing evil actions and destroy good deeds. When all this occurs amid Islam, peacefulness and unity will be destroyed. These evil actions and qualities will cause separations and divisions. And this Holy City will be taken from our hands. That is certain.

“When all this happens, the followers of Islam will be numerous as the flour granules in the dough. But the number of those who shall take possession of the City will be as few as the grains of salt in the dough. This will happen when degradation permeates Islam.”

These were the beautiful words of Hazrat `Umar Ibn al-Khattab when he took possession of the City. And the sacred ground of the Dome of the Rock.


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