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I see the world through my Hazel Eyes

by | Jun 1, 2010

I feel the world is going by so fast. I don’t even have time to  catch my thoughts. All I remember are the faded memories of my high school years, the outgoing workplace and the amazing bad influence friends I had at the time. Those days I knew a little about Islam yet I wore the hijab for all the wrong reasons. I feared my parents and sisters more then Allah.

I always had an eye out for them instead of the All-Seeing. Since,I was lost in my own world, thinking of only myself. Slowly, all the fights, negative attitude and improper clothes lead me to my so called ‘big’ world into a tiny sad world. There was no one to talk to.Fearing they would judge me and criticize me and not help bring me back to the straight path.

So I had no where to turn except the One who doesn’t despair of His servant’s Du’a. I called out to Him out of fear and restlessness thinking I would be helped within the hour and would be able to turn back to my life which I was so arrogant about. Little did I know, Allah had other plans for me. All He needs is a cry out to Him, He’ll come running to you.

My Journey

SubhanAllah. I got this eagerness to search online for Islamic schools in the area.As knowing my parents wouldn’t allow me to travel to another city for school. I came across two schools which were in the same province yet was a bit far from my house. When I spoke to my parents about what I wanted and why I wanted it, their faces glowed out of happiness. So the journey had begun, my father, sister and I went out and began searching for my dream school.

The first school wasn’t really appealing to me, it was deserted and had no ‘city life’ so we decided to head out for the second school, Al Huda. When we arrived it was amazing. It felt like this magical castle was there waiting for me to enter but at the time the previous course was not finished yet, so we had to wait for them to pick a date for the new course to begin.

I started calling the school approximately 10 times a month, seeing if they had set up a date for the course to begin. FINALLY! They picked a date and I was on my way with my bags, books and bad habits. I was so excited, well more like over-whelmed. I obviously had doubts arousing in my heart, thinking I am leaving my close friends, my life, my work, money, freedom to come to a place which I have to dedicate my life for two and a half years? Alhumdulilah, Allah had  firm on my path.

If you want to know what happens next, stay tuned!

Insha’Allah I will be posting soon.

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