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Wearing Hijab on your Big Day!

by | Dec 3, 2013

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Hijab in Wedding

Hijab at the wedding. Your wedding is the most important day of your life. Because for many of us it’s the one day we’ve been looking forward to our entire lives, the perfect wedding with the perfect man. It’s hard to say when, where, or how this ideal wedding dream begins. But it’s rightly said the Big Day of your life. And it deserves to be just as outstanding as you had dreamed it for probably all of your life.

Looking gorgeous, perfect, breathtaking, modern, up-to-date, stylish, fabulous, charming on her big and once in a lifetime day is every women’s dream and it is but just. but what we girls often neglect or forget to consider is that we are but Allah’s slaves and even in moments of extreme happiness we are answerable to Him for our actions.

Now I’m not here to tell you that how you are wrong if u don’t cover up nor how you are right if you do. but what I’m trying to convey here is the course of action that Islam and our Allah expects of us. 🙂

Now hijabis or non-Hijabis we all know that hijab’s been ordained on Muslim women in all circumstances alike. just like Salaah (Prayers) or Soum (Fast) has been ordained on all Muslims and hence your wedding day stands no exception.         Hijab and Wedding

Here’s a Tip For Bride in Hijab :

Whatever you do or want to do plan it first for a bride in hijab. Whenever you plan your course of action think for a while and decide what you want to do. Then think what Allah wants you to do. The rest is simple; choose one. 🙂

Now on your wedding day while you decide what to wear and how to look. Consider how you’d wanna look if you were to face Allah. 🙂 And you’ll get your answers swift and easy. I know most of you would have a lot of apprehensions about wearing a Hijab on such an important event of your life. But oh well you’ve been working on your looks, hairstyles, fitness, jewelry, and things that would complement you best on your big day then why not plan and practice a little to perfect your hijab for that day as well? it is worth it and trust me you’ll be proud of yourself for that decision one-day Insha’a Allah.

Few things that you could do to help stay covered naturally at your wedding being bride in hijab.Hijab and Wedding

  • Try getting a dress that has a high neckline.

It wouldn’t just help you stay covered but would also give you a neat and slim look.     Hijab and Wedding

  • Keep your sleeves full lengthen.

If you want to wear bangles or prefer quarter length sleeves. Then make sure you wear false skin colored sleeves underneath to conceal your arms and wrists.

  • Don’t go for a skin-tight outfit.

Relax!!!! you need to breathe ladies. You need to look comfortable at your wedding. Don’t make a fool of yourself by wearing a too-tight fitted dress on your big day. Stay modest 🙂       Hijab and Wedding

  • Cover your hair

That is the most vital part (and somehow most difficult too). try getting pure chiffon or silk stole that either matches your outfit or is in contrast and complements it. or you can wear a skull cap underneath your bridal tiara/dupatta.

  • Separate Gathering on your wedding

In order to ensure that your hijaab is fulfilled properly make sure that the wedding reception is arranged for men and women separately. Even if it’s the same venue, same time; make sure that there’s a separation between the men’s and women’s areas that separates the two crowds and helps you keep your beauty hidden. 🙂

I’ll end my article with a brilliant thought.

As Khalid Yasin once said: “Dear sisters, one day, you will be wrapped around, fully covered head to toe, and lowered into your grave. Don’t let your last day on earth be the first day you wear hijab.”

Think about it :)

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