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Hajj Al Badal On The Behalf Of Others

by | Aug 5, 2015

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Question About Hajj Al Badal:

Is this possible to perform hajj al Badal on behalf of others who has passed away??
Hajj al Badal means to perform Hajj on behalf of others. It is not permissible on behalf of mentally and physically perfect and perform Hajj himself/herself, who is poor, or who is unable to perform Hajj due to some security, personal and political issues. But if someone performs Hajj on behalf of others, then his Hajj counts for him, not for others.

Only Condition for Hajj Al Badal:

It is only permissible on behalf of sick people and have no hope of recovery or have passed away. There are different factors related to this question:
  • Hajj al-Badal can be only performed on behalf of others who are dead. The related hadiths explain it more clearly.

Ibn Abbas (RA) said About Hajj Al Badal,

 “A man said: O Allah’s Messenger (PBUH)! My father has died, and he did not perform Hajj; shall I perform Hajj on his behalf?” He said, “Don’t you think that if your father owed a debt, you would pay it off?” He said, “Yes.” But, he said, “The debt owed to Allah is more deserving (of being paid off).”
  • For Ill person and no chance of recovery
One can perform this form of Hajj on behalf of others alive but not applicable to perform Hajj due to his/her severe illness and has no chances of recovery.  A woman asked the Holy Prophet (PBUH): The order from Allah to His slaves to perform Hajj has come when my dad is an old man and can’t sit immovably in the seat; would I be able to perform Hajj for his benefit? He said: “Yes.” 
  • One can perform Hajj al-Badal on behalf of others who have passed away other than parents.
Ibn Abbas (RA) narrated that a woman vowed to perform Hajj, but she died. Her brother came to the Prophet (PBUH) and asked him about that. He said,  “Do you think that if your sister owed a debt, you would pay it off?” He said, “Yes.” He said, “Then fulfill(ing) the right of Allah, for He is more deserving that one should fulfill his rights.” So from the above hadiths, we can say that one can only perform this hajj on behalf of others who are severely sick and have no chances to recover and those who have passed away.

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