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Tafsir Ibn Kathir – The Best Interpretation Of Quran

by | Feb 23, 2019

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Tafsir Ibn Kathir is the best interpretation of the Quran. Nowadays, we have many misconceptions and misinterpretations of the Holy Quran without having original references and understanding of the Quran.

So, the need is to return to the source and original language. Quran Tafsir is the Explanation and Interpretation of the Holy Quran. It is one of the most respected and accepted explanations for the Quran and is the most widely used.

Download Tafsir Ibn Kathir

Download and read it; refer to it to better understand the Quran. Visit our Islamic Multimedia section for more books and online Quran recitations.

Download Tafsir Ibn Kathir

Description: Explanation and Interpretation of the Holy Quran

File Size: 7.66MB

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Welcome Ramadan 2024: A Time for Reflection, Growth and Learning

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