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Don’t Wait Till You Are Hit By Stone

by | Oct 2, 2013

Once there was a building being constructed. Number of the workers were hired for purpose of construction.

One day a construction supervisor needed to talk to some worker. but he was on the 6th floor of building was calling a worker working on the ground floor. instead of going down to the first floor, he decided to call him by shouting from up there. Because of construction noise, the worker on ground floor did not hear his supervisor calling. Then, to draw the attention of worker, the supervisor threw some money from up which fell right around in front of the worker. worker was surprised to find money. He picked up the money and put it in his pocket & continued with his work. Again to draw the attention of worker, the supervisor now threw more amount & the worker did the same, picked up that amount too and put it in his pocket & started doing his job again, with out noticing where the money is coming from.  At last to draw attention of the worker, the supervisor picked a small stone & threw on worker. The stone hit exactly the worker’s head. This time the worker looked up to see who threw stone at him & the supervisor communicated with the worker.

Ponder & Reflect —> This story is same as of our life. Allah wants to communicate with us, but we are busy doing our worldly jobs. Then Allah gives us small gifts & we just keep them without seeing from where we get them. we never think  Just keep the gifts without seeing from where it came & without thanking Allah. Still it’s His greatness that He never decreases His blessings and favors , despite of our negligent behavior .Then HE increases HIS blessings on us, in a hope that we might turn to Him to thank Him but we let go every thing unnoticed. In fact, most of the time we think that these blessings and rewards are our right. Or often credit those blessing to our own qualities. If we are having a hard time and suddenly our boss gives us news of our promotion , we think we deserved it, we think it was our effort and dedication which impressed our boss. We never ponder, why our peer or colleague having same rank and same duties, wasn’t chosen for promotion ? well even if we think, we make our selves even more proud ” Oh ! it was me who worked hard, obviously boss chose me because i am better than him”. And some times we credit our success or blessings to LUCK, we say we are LUCKY . Whit out noticing , who is the writer of our fate ? who gave us this luck ? And times up ! Atlast ALLAH subahana hu wa tala hits us with a small stone, which we call problems, to draw our attention. Then we look up to seek help ! to supplicate ! to complain and grouch .

why are we so negligent ? why don’t we return until we get a hard hit ? even upon being hit, some times we do not understand the secret message hidden in side every trial we face. Each hurdle coming in our way is a call from ALLAH subha na hu wa tala. need is, to understand it, to return to ALLAH , to maintain a proper and continuous connection with Him. So, isn’t it good to keep remembering ALLAH in our routines , with out waiting for any red alarm ? Dear brothers and sisters ! Don’t Wait Till You Are Hit By Stone !

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