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Character of The Bearer (people) of the Qur’aan

by | Jul 9, 2010

The first matter that it befits him to employ is Taqwa of Allah secretly and openly. Because exercising caution (wara’) with regards to the sources of his food, drink, dress and earnings.

Basic deeds of building character of People of Quran

  • Perception:

He is perceptive about his time and the corruptions of its people that he may beware of them regarding his religion.

  • One concentrates on his own situation, having the aspiration to reform whatever is corrupt in his affairs.And guarding his tongue and choosing his words.
  • If he speaks, he speaks with knowledge when he sees speech to be correct.Character of people of Quran.
  • The person fears from his tongue things more severe than he fears from his enemy.
  • He imprisons his tongue the way he imprisons his enemy, so that he may be safe from its evil and bad consequences.Character of people of Quran.

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  • He rarely laughs at the matters which people laugh, due to the bad consequences of laughter.
  • If he is pleased by something in accordance with the truthhe smiles.
  • Only he is accommodating in countenance and pure in speech.
  • So, He does not allow himself to be praised for qualities he has, how then for qualities he does not have?
  • He is wary of his self, that it should overcome him for what it desires, of the things that will anger his Master.
  • As backbiting is bad so he does not backbite anyone and that is gesture of good character of people of AlQuran.
  • And He does not look down upon anyone.
  • He should not abuse anyone.
  • A great virtue is He is not happy at the affliction of others.
  • He neither transgresses upon anyone, nor envies them.
  • Also He doesn’t think the worst about anyone, except for one who deserves it.
  • These people loves with knowledge, and hates with knowledge.Character of people of Quran.
  • Another good virtue is he talks about a person’s faults only with knowledge, and remains silent about a person’s real nature with knowledge.


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