Who Was Hazrat Umar Farooq Ibn Al-Khattab and His conversion to Islam journey?

The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said:

“If there were to be a Prophet after me, He would have been Umar.” [Sahi Bukhari]

Hazrat Umar Farooq Ibn Al-Khattab belonged to the Adi family of Quraish tribe. It was the time when The Prophet (Peace be upon him) received the revelation and invited people to Islam. the leaders of Quraish called a meeting planning for the assassination of Prophet (Peace be upon him). Hazrat Umar Farooq offered himself for this job and everybody favored that he is the right person for doing this job.

Hazrat Umar Farooq was a well known famous wrestler, debater, and a spirited person in his youth time. While on his way with a sword in his hand he met Hazrat Saad Ibn Abi Waqqas (companion of Prophet (Peace be upon him)). On asking Hazrat Umar Farooq told him that he is going to assassinate Prophet (Peace be upon him) while listening to him Hazrat Saad replied:

“You had better take care of your own family first. Your sister and brother-in-law both have accepted Islam.”

Hazrat Umar Sister Accepted Islam first:

Hearing this, he went straight to his sister’s house. Hazrat Khabbab Ibn Al-Aratt was teaching Qur’an to them at that time. While hearing the voice of Hazrat Umar on door his sister Fatima frightened she tried to hide the portion of Qur’an. When Hazrat Umar entered in house he inquired about their conversion to Islam on listening. a positive reply he first beat his brother in law severely than he hit his sister violently on her face that it bled profusely. His sister shouted:

“Do whatever you like, we are determined to die as Muslims.”

Embracing Islam:

Hazrat Umar loved his sister Fatima very much but couldn’t tolerate her conversion to Islam. Seeing his sister bleeding he cooled down. and asked her sister to show him the pages of Holy Qur’an which she was reciting.So, She told him:

“You can not touch it unless you take a bath and make yourself clean.”

He then took a bath and read the scripts.And It was the beginning of Surah Ta’Ha (Chapter 20 of the Holy Qur’an). He came to the verse:

Indeed, I am Allah . There is no deity except Me, so worship Me and establish prayer for My remembrance. [20:14]
At this, Hazrat Umar exclaimed:

“Surely this is the Word of Allah. Take me to Prophet (Peace be upon him).”

On hearing this Hazrat Khabbab Ibn Al-Aratt who was hidden in house, came out from inside and said:

“O Umar! Glad tidings for you. It seems that the prayer of the Prophet (Peace be upon him), which he said last night has been answered in your favor.”
He prayed to Allah:
“O Allah, strengthen Islam with either Umar b. Khattab or Umar b. Hisham, whomsoever Thou pleaseth”.
Hazrat Umar Farooq went to Prophet (Peace be upon him). On seeing him, Prophet (Peace be upon him) asked him:
    “Umar! what brings you here”?
He said: “I am here to accept Islam”.

Hearing this the Muslims shouted with joy: “Allah-hu Akbar! (Allah is the Greatest).” and the sound echoed though the air of Makkah. As a matter of fact, Hazrat Umar’s conversion to Islam was a terrible blow to the morale of the disbelieves. Hazrat Abdullah bin Mas’ud, a great Companion, says:

“Hazrat Umar’s conversion to Islam was a great triumph. his emigration to Madina a tremendous reinforcement and his accession to Caliphate a great blessing for the Muslims.”
This is how Hazrat Umar Farooq the Great Islamic Leader and Caliph accepted Islam. So, His conversion to Islam strengthened Islam. A new change of liberation was spread all over the Makkah now what were the Hazrat Umar’s services to Islam, his migration to Madina and ruling as a Caliph will be continue in next parts…  🙂

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  26. Laal Khan says:

    When did Hazrat Umer embrace Islam as there is confusion in it some says in 7 nabvi while in places 6 and 5th nabvi has been given

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