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A Sheikh And a Boy

by | Feb 20, 2015

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Sheikh Met a boy:

It is a story of a Sheikh when he met a boy.

“Tell the believing men that they should reduce/lower their gaze/vision and guard their private parts.”


Once upon a time there was a young man he came to a sheikh and said. that I am young man with strong desires but there is problem with me that I cannot help myself in lowering gaze in the bazar. I cannot help looking at people whenever I passed from bazar. He said to sheikh that what do I do? The sheikh decide to teach him. So he handed the man a cup full of milk. and tell him to deliver this cup of milk to the certain address. The address led him directly through the bazar.

The sheikh then ordered the man that the milk should not spill and man answered that it would not. The sheikh then ordered another boy to led him to the following address and notice him carefully. and also ordered and to severely beat him if any milk were to spill.

The man successfully delivered the milk to the address and returned to the sheikh. and told him the good news that he had successfully delivered the milk to the address. The sheikh then asked him that now tells me that how many people and sights you saw in the bazar. The man answered him that I did not even know that what is going around me in the bazar.  I was only fearful of the milk.

Signs of a Believer:

The sheikh smiled and said,

“Same is the case with a believer. The believer only fears that Allah may disgrace him in front of the whole creation on the final Day of Judgment if his faith were to spill over from his heart.”

“The believers are only those who, when Allah is mentioned. feel a fear in their hearts. and when His verses are recited to them. it increases them in faith; and upon their Lord they rely.”

– (Surah al-Anfal 8:2).

Such people save themselves from sin because they continuously remain focused on the Day of Judgment!.

Al Tabarany and Hakim reported from Abdu Allah Ibn Masoad, May Allah be pleased with him said that The prophet of Allah (PBUH) report from Allah Almighty that.

“The glance is a poisoned arrow of shaytaan (Satan). Whoever lowers his gaze for Allah. He will bestow upon him a refreshing sweetness. which he will find in his heart on the day he meets Him.”

So we should always lower our gaze to protect ourselves from hell fire and from the social problems. We should always fear Allah. because it is the key to success. Lowering gaze has many benefits not in this world but also here after.

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